The CKP: What Volunteers Need to Become Certified Police Officers

According to Crime Survey, the crime rate in England and Wales has dropped by around seven percent as of June 2013. This was primarily an achievement of the police forces serving the UK, including the Police Constabulary and the City of London Police. However, police might not have contained more crimes were it not for the help of police volunteers and special constables serving throughout the country. Continue reading

When Force is Good: CKP Course Discusses the Use of Reasonable Force

While police in the U.K. are permitted to use force when the situation calls for it, it’s not as easy as it looks on paper. In most situations where law enforcement is made to use force, some will be quick to call out “police brutality.” This was the case with the December, 2013 riot in London by University of London students. The Guardian reports: Continue reading

Brave Policeman Shows How a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing Helps

Every year, there are thousands of reported criminal offences, ranging from murder to domestic violence, and if you’re one of those who wish to become part of the police force, you can get started by accomplishing a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP). A recent incident in the London suburbs might just prove the need for more brave officers, as written on London’s iTV news report: Continue reading